Privacy policy

INTRIM Scrivener Office (“INTRIM”) will manage and protect personal information (the “Personal Information”) by following the Law concerning the Protection of Personal Information and our Privacy Policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information (the “Policy”) as set out below.


In the execution of its business activities, INTRIM will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Law concerning the Protection of Personal Information, to ensure that Personal Information is appropriately used and protected.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

INTRIM will use Personal Information to the extent necessary to execute judicial scrivener services and any services incidental to such services.
In addition, Personal Information obtained in connection with INTRIM’s recruitment activities of employees shall be used only for recruitment, communication, post-recruitment personnel management, and other purposes incidental to recruitment activities.

Appropriate Collection and Usage of Personal Information

INTRIM will collect Personal Information by lawful and appropriate means and only within the scope required for the execution of its business, and will not use it without consent of the owner of the Personal Information (the “Owner”) or in any way other than as set out in the Policy.

Restrictions on Proffer of Personal Information to Third Parties

INTRIM will not provide Personal Information to any third parties unless the Owner’s consent is obtained in advance or unless required by laws or regulations.

Joint Use of Personal Information

INTRIM personnel may share all items of Personal Information data such as personal name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., among the judicial scriveners belonging to INTRIM within the scope of the purpose of use described in the above "Purpose of Use of Personal Information".

Security Management of Personal Information

INTRIM will take security measures to protect against the leakage of the Personal Information.

Request for Disclosure, etc.

INTRIM will promptly and appropriately deal with the following requests from the Owners or their proxies regarding Personal Information held by INTRIM: disclosure, correction, stoppage of, and erasure of personal information, based on the Law concerning the Protection of Personal Information.

Contact Information regarding Personal Information

Please contact us by telephone or postal mail for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, such as requests for disclosure, opinions, and questions.

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